Department of IT conducted Guest Lecture on Open-Stack for Final Year students

Final Year Students of IT Department have attended the Guest Lecture was on 08-09-2018.The Guest Lecture was carried out by Mr.NARESH KUMAR VENU working on Technical Consultant Technology,Evangelist GLS instructor.(Alumini of our department).

The Session was about “OPEN-STACK” that is very helpful to know about the cloud computing basis on Infrastructure as a service. The session continued with real time examples of cloud computing and explained On-Demand everything about cloud computing means that Virtual of CPU,RAM,Storage,Network and so on. Then explained about Cloud deployment models and knowledge about 5G.Gained knowledge about open stack which is a application to develop virtual router and virtual switch ,it is building blocks to create infrastructure as a service,it was governed by vendor open stack Foundation.Described the open stack architecture of internal services , Knowledge about Web development Tracks in live industry was explained and shown the demonstration on open stack application with four servers .

The session endsup with the doubt clearness.The students said that they gained basic knowledge about the open stack and it was interesting more advantageable.Final Year Students would like to offer their gratitude to the Management and Department of Information Technology for Organizing the Guest Lecture.

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