Mock Interview For Final year students of IT department held on 07.09.2018

Final year students of IT department attended mock interview on 07.09.2018. which was conducted by
Mrs. Vidyadhari Umakantham working in Team Everest as Senior Manager-CSR(alumni of our department). The session was started with story creating activity to check the creativity level of the students and preparing for aptitude. Then she taught the students how to design their resume and what should be added in the resume. She gave an explanation about Elevator pitch which means impressing the person from the very first speech.

The other half of the session was about the tips on how to attend the interview such as doing a research about the company before attending the interview ,anticipate for the questions,clarity on the words while speaking and to explain with examples. She also said about the main factors while attending an interview such as body language, Dress code, smile, eat and to think positive. At last she completed the session with resume study and gave the students an activity which made them to get an opportunity to take an interview among themselves. Final year of IT Students thank the management and department for giving this guest lecture.

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