Seminar on Introduction To Machine Learning on 29-08-2018.

Final year students of Department of Information Technology chaperoned with the Final year students of Compter Science Engineering attended the seminar on MACHINE LEARNING on 29th August 2018 which was bestowed by Dr.Seshathiri Dhanasekaran, a reputed Data Scientist in Information Science, Taiwan.

The seminar began with the Basic Concepts of Machine Learning Dr. Seshathiri gave a brief interpretation on the Terminologies of the machine learning that includes Data Science, Data Mining, Data Analysis and so on. He explained more about the data types in machine learning. He also shared the Process of the Data science with a diagrammatic representations. It includes Data collection, Data preparation, EDA, Machine Learning and visualization.

He explained the Machine Learning with the Statistics with a brief definition. Comparison of the Supervised and Unsupervised are explained clearly. Further more he explained the K-means and Regression types with a diagrammatic representation. He showed the process using RStudio based on the KNN. The Structural Risk Minimization was the next step in the Machine learning. The Training and testing is also briefly explained. He broadly defined the K-Fold Cross Validation and Confusion Matrix.

The second half of the session was fully about the Unsupervised Learning and its types. The tasks performed and Sub fields of Machine learning is explained. In conclusion, he gave some ideas to the students on doing MS in abroad.He also gave the Internship details that is going to organize in Taiwan and gave the site details.The seminar came to an end by explaining the domain on the IT field. The students would like to offer their gratitude to the Management and the department (IT) for organizing the seminar.

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