A Faculty Development Program on Emotional Intelligence during 14 Aug 2019 and 17 Aug 2019 by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering in association with ICT Academy

Emotional Intelligence

Course Overview

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is the ability to identify, assess, and control the emotions of oneself, of others, and of groups. We observe that the supposedly brilliant and well- educated people struggle to accomplish great things. We have seen that there are always those brilliant in the workplace, the ones who inspire others and seem to provide the momentum for the entire team. What makes great leaders truly extraordinary is not necessarily their IQ, but their EQ Not education; neither experience nor knowledge completes the skill set required. Then what is it? It is almost always this concept called emotional intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence is so critical to success that it accounts for 58 percent of performance in all types of jobs says a research. Here is a workshop on Emotional intelligence that would help professionals, perform better, build lasting business relationships and serve the clients better.
Who is this Course for?

  • College faculty who want to improve their EQ
  • Faculties who are not able to control their emotions in class
  • Faculties who are not able to control student emotions in class

Course Objective

On successful completion of the course, participants should be able to:

  • To understand the significance of EI at workplace, and learn how to improve and apply Emotional intelligence at work
  • To become emotionally intelligent personally and professional

Course Outline

The contents of this course are designed to support the course objectives. The following focus areas are included in this course:

  • Module 1: Introduction
    • Introduction to Emotional Intelligence
    • Why EQ matters more than IQ?
    • Roles of EQ in workplace
  • Module 2: Knowing Emotions
    • Knowing different emotions
    • Becoming aware of your emotions
    • Being sensitive to self and others
  • Module 3: How Emotional Intelligence you are?
    • EQ Test
    • Improve your EI
    • Developing EI will impact on all areas of life
  • Module 4: Road blocks to effective communication
    • Self-management
    • Emotional resilience
    • Personal power
    • Goal directedness
    • Flexibility
    • Personal connections
    • Self-awareness
    • Self-Regard
    • State of emotional mastery.
  • Module 5: Classroom Intelligence
    • Building trust
    • Making students emotionally intelligent
    • Dealing with Difficult Students
    • Behavior Management
  • Module 6: Stress Management
    • Basics of Stress
    • Types of Stress faced by Faculty

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