Department of Information Technology Conduct “Guest lecture on ‘2D & 3D Transformation ‘ in Computer Graphics” on 12.07.2018

Third year students of IT department have attended the Guest lecture on 2D & 3D transformation in Computer Graphics on 12-07-2018. The Guest lecture is carried out by Dr. Narasimman , Assistant Professor of Information Technology in Anna University, CEG Campus.

The session was fully about the Transformations of 2D and 3D with a brief in Geometric transformation, Coordinate transformation, Composite transformation, Homogeneous transformation.The other half of the session was about the shearing and twinning. They learned to solve some problems in Linear line equation. The student’s perception on the session and their feedback was really out-and-out.The students said they found the talk alluring and advantageous.Third year students would like to offer gratitude to the Management and the department(IT) for organizing the Guest lecture.

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