Project Expo INSIGHT’17 by dept of CSE to exhibit students talent – 17th March 2017

The Department of computer science and engineering conducted a Project Expo with the cash prize of 14K. INSIGHT’17 was inaugurated by Dr.M.A.Leo VIjilious, Principal, DMI College of Engineering to show the talents of the current students. 20 projects from various institutions were exhibited in this project expo. 3 batches from Agni college ,1 batch from Dhanalakshmi college , 1 batch from Nadar saraswathi college Theni, 2 Batches from LIT, 2 batches from IFET Villupuram and 11 Batches from various department of DMICE. The Chief Guest Mr.Antony Richard and Mr.Rajeesh (Alumni’s of CSE) from Verizon Technologies judged the projects . Agni college,Chennai got the first prize with the cash award of 5k, DMI III year Jehoshaphat &Team got the second prize with the cash award of 3k, IV year CSE Anbuselvan &Team got the third prize with the cash award of 2k, Nadar saraswathi college Theni & DMI ECE department got the consolation prizes with the cash prize of 4 thousand. The Validictory sessions was headed by Dr.Suresh Mohankumar, Dean, DMICE and Rajeesh (ALUMNI).

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