Department Of Information Technology organized a webinar on the topic OWNING YOUR FUTURE.. The aim of the session is to teach the students the importance of owning their future.
The guest speaker began her talk by sharing her life experiences ,the difficulties she faced during her school days, and also dispersed some incidents she handled in her life. She also prorated how she succeeded in her passion.
Mrs. SARANYA V.R (Alumni 2009 Batch)
Outcomes :

  • Guided how to develop one’s personality which will help them to taste victory in their life.
  • Enlighted how a woman should grow in her carrier.
  • Elucidated to extract lessons from their experiences.
  • Instructed to face fear and how to find mentors.
  • Great idea on how to choose carrier and how to find passion.
  • Taught a key element in growing as an individual and becoming a better person is learning to accept personal responsibility.
  • Pointed how to be a good listener.
  • Being respectful of others is a golden rule.
  • Trained to set goals for yourself and live in integrity.
  • Recognize opportunities to grow and change.
  • Disciplined to admit when you are wrong and apologize.

The session was most interesting and interacting and acquired a good feedback from the students and faculties. She also shared her 12 years experience as a software engineer at HCL inbetween the session. At the end of the session she answered all our queries and asked the students how they relate her life incidents with them. The session ended by sharing the words of gratitude.

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