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About the department

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering was started in the year 2001 with an intake of 60, with an objective of imparting quality education in the Computer Science and Engineering. Because of the growing trend, the strength has been further increased to 120 in the year 2006.The Department is also offering M.E Programme. Teaching is a real strength of the department, supported by well qualified and experienced faculty members. We help students to become self disciplined and responsible citizen. Apart from curriculum, Students are also part of Association of computer Science and Engineering and Computer society of India. This helps students to develop leadership and organizational skills. The Department is equipped with state of art computer labs and internet facilities. The Department library is equipped with more than 1000 books and journals covering all areas of Computer Science. The Department is accredited by NBA in the year 2009.

Vision of the department

To produce competent young engineers and entrepreneurs with ethical values, for making nation bloom into a hub of excellence.

Mission of the department

  • To create technocrats in the industry and university by cultivating computer concepts and techniques.
  • To facilitate the students to elicit more creativity by using modern sciences and technologies in the field of computer science and engineering.
  • To inculcate the strength of ethical standards contributing to the benefit of the society
PEO 1- Core Competency :

To offer students a solid establishment in mathematical, logical and engineering basics necessary to plan, solve and analyze engineering problems and to prepare them for graduate studies, R&D, consultancy and higher education.

PEO 2- Expertise in Profession :

To expose students to emerging cutting edge technologies, provide adequate training & opportunities to design and provide novel engineering solutions and work as teams on multidisciplinary projects with effective communication skills and leadership qualities.

PEO 3- Leadership Qualities and Team Work :

To prepare the students for a successful career and work with values & social concern bridging the digital divide and meeting the requirements of the society.

PEO 4- Moral Values :

To promote student awareness on the constant learning and to introduce them to professional ethics and codes of professional practice.

PO a. Engineering Knowledge:

Incorporate knowledge of mathematics, science, engineering basics and its specialization for structuring engineering models.

PO b. Problem Analysis:

Examine and work out engineering problems to attain conclusions with mathematics and engineering sciences.

PO c Design/Development of Solutions:

Design and develop solution for engineering problems to meet precise desires.

PO d. Conduct Investigations of Complex Problems:

Conduct investigation of difficult problems by proposing innovative experiments and analysis to provide valid solutions.

PO e. Modern Tool Usage:

Build and apply proper modern engineering tools, techniques and resources to execute engineering activities.

PO f. Engineer and Society:

Analyze the safety issues of society and ensuring responsibilities related to engineering practice.

PO g. Environment and Sustainability:

Realize the impact of engineering solutions in the environment and show off the knowledge for sustainable growth.

PO h. Ethics:

Pertain ethical values and execute to professional ethics, responsibilities and norms of engineering practice.

PO i. Individual and Team Work:

Function efficiently as an individual, and as a part or head in various groups in multi-disciplinary locations.

PO j. Communication:

Communicate efficiently to the engineering society and the outer world and to write useful reports.

PO k. Project Management and Finance:

Identify engineering and administration ethics, apply them to handle project in multi-disciplinary locations.

PO l. Life-Long Learning:

Discover necessitate for life-long learning and execute in the framework of technological change.

PSO1 : Foundation of Mathematical Concepts:

Use mathematical techniques to solve problem by appropriate scientific analysis, data structures and suitable algorithm.

PSO2 : Essentials of Computer Science:

Ability to understand the dynamic concepts and methodology of computer systems. Students can know the functionality of hardware and software characteristics of computer systems.

PSO3 : Basics of Software Development:

Ability to understand the software development lifecycle and methods of software systems. Having knowledge of software design process and competent practical proficiency for new ideas and innovations towards research.

Programming Lab

  • Programming and data structure II lab
  • Operating system lab
  • Computer graphics lab
  • Internet programming lab

Database Lab

  • Database management system lab

Case Tools Lab

Grid And Cloud Computing Lab

Security Lab

Android Lab

  • Mobile application development lab
  • Research And Development Lab
  • Research and development lab
  • Project lab

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